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Get More Information about Lithium Ion Batteries

Nickel cadmium batteries are the first on the market for cordless power tools and although the technology is older, it is still very reliable. NiCads are less sensitive to bad temperatures and have high recharge cycles, which means they can be refilled and refilled repeatedly for long periods of time. NiCads are also cheaper than NiMH and Li-Ion batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries have a higher energy density than most other rechargeable batteries. High energy density means that Lithium-Ion has superior energy to weight ratio, saving more energy for its size than most other batteries. You can also buy li-ion rechargeable batteries via

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Li-Ions have very slow self-discharge rates which means they hold their costs longer. Most rechargeable batteries are significantly depleted due to being released, the slow rate of loss in Li-Ions, however, allows them to retain most of their power for a longer period of time, even on a shelf in your store or garage.

There are many benefits to working with Lithium-Ion batteries ranging from lightweight to long periods of time. Li-Ion maintains its charge for longer and has a sustained max power throughout its energy release cycle.

Other batteries consistently lose power when you work. Li-Ion is lightweight, and has a large storage capacity; this means you now have a lighter, more efficient, and stronger battery without the bulk. Lithium-Ion batteries are the most landslides that don't damage our environment, and for various reasons, they are the favorite of most craftsmen.

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