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How Can You Become The Best Private Detective

There are many people asking for information about private detective training in Indonesia. Below is a guide on how to become a good detective.

Qualities of the private detective

First, before you start, make sure that the private detective profession is right for you. Indeed, there were many examples of students embarking on training without really knowing the reality of the job of a detective, or as it is called in Indonesian language, ‘detektif Indonesia’.

Excellent driving

The vast majority of private search agents in Indonesia spend more than half of their time inside their vehicle, spinning mills. The collection of evidence, and then the quality of the result you will deliver to your customers, will depend on your skills in spinning. Even if it is learned in training, and in the field, excellent conduct is still required. If you are afraid of speed, are uncomfortable with your vehicle, are not prepared to violate the rules of the road repeatedly without taking risks, we strongly advise you to remedy it before you launch in a formation. Driving courses (rally, at risk, internships), for example, are very good introductions to the profession.

An important availability

The private investigator has a profession of emergency medicine. You have to be ready to be available most of the time. Indeed, many clients and lawyers call you for a quick response. A child who disappears will not wait until you finish your weekend to start the search. Family sacrifices are then expected, especially in the first years of exercise. If you can evolve and have staff, the following years will be easier in organization.

Increased responsiveness

Whether in mission, in reflection or in the provision, the private investigator, which is also known as jasa detektif Jakarta in Indonesian language, must be extremely responsive. When you have a decision to make (spinning choice, strategy to adopt), you cannot allow yourself to hesitate, it will darken! For example, very commonly, you drive a target for unfair competition. Your target stops, parks and leaves on foot, but there is no other parking space. You only have a few seconds to decide whether you continue to follow your target by car while he is on foot, if you park your car anywhere, to continue on foot if you risk a pound. What is it? Who is the most discreet? The most efficient? Who offers me the most opportunity to get pictures of evidence? So many questions that you will have to answer instantly. Even if all this is learned, if you are hesitant, start today to work on it.

Good legal knowledge

Of course, you will learn the specific right during your training. This will allow you to know your right to investigate, to know what you have the right to do or not to do. On the other hand, if you have the ambition to create your agency, we strongly advise you to train in advance in the legal dialogue, and the law in a general way. Indeed, your main interlocutors will be your clients and their lawyers. Therefore, it's better to know what we're talking about when we talk about the files, the orders, the jurisdictions.


Any detective must know how to take pictures of his reports. It is therefore wise to train with a digital SLR, if you are not used to it, you will save time.

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