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RC Car Battery Packs – NiMH Vs. LiPo

NiMH is brief for nickel metal hydride while LiPO is shorthand for lithium polymer. Both these kinds of batteries are now used in the electrical version RC car spectacle. Most ready to run RC model cars include some kind of battery – powered to keep down costs, they are normally the NiMH variety.

Rechargeable lithium polymer cell is now taking through the frequent customer products-powering higher wind cordless power tools, in addition to a close 100 percent of their notebooks and mobile phones now produced! So just what is it that produces LiPo batteries so hot with the RC car audience? Well, using quite a few Chinese producers battling for market share, costs have gotten so cheap and accessibility so high through the net.

LiPo battery packs actually came on into the RC version scene occupying model planes and helicopters-taking benefit of the lightweight and superior power density.

Because of a strong and extremely aggressive RC Car racing surroundings, LiPo battery packs are undoubtedly the newer and preferred energy supply for the' speed and power hungry RC auto customer base.

Obviously, apart from a lower cost structure from only a couple of decades past, the functionality and capacities of these battery packs have enhanced also. You will find more sizes to pick from, and currently, there are RC Car unique packs instead of those initially sized for model planes.

The chargers for LiPo battery packs also have become cheaper and generally simpler to use; most likely among the more likely causes of individuals visiting the LiPo side using a currently lower investment. The lithium-ion chemistry of this LiPo battery pack can also be encouraging.  


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