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Use Positive Sports Psychology

Sports psychology is something that we often hear about, but may not know exactly what it is. It is the principles of psychology used in a sport setting. Sports psychologists are the only ones licensed. This does not mean that there is a limit to a sport psychology coach's experience, but simply a technical matter.

For optimal sports performance, we have to think positive. Positive thinking dispels mental blocks and with their obstacles and fatigue that can damage your ski runs. The same practice is now being used in a business seminar where public speaking is very important. You can find a sports psychologist through


Imagine a second body that looks like you. This is your exact twin. This twin-term amazing and will go down as you want to go. Immersed run like a big ski instructor. It skis with perfect form.

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Now think about that image and feel it gets into your body. See the pictures again and again. Know in which you can follow the skier.


This does not mean letting your body turns into mush. This translates to relax every muscle you are not using. Every muscle has a couple attached to it. When it is loosening the major muscles have more strength and endurance.


Super athletes have super concentration, but they are not born with it. You have to focus completely on what you are going to ski.

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