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Pre-employment Urine Testing

If it comes to pre-employment drug testing, the urine test is the most usual method, since it's both accurate and affordable. This test can detect drugs consumed to 30 days before the evaluation date.

Usually, this kind of evaluation is a 5-panel evaluation and seems for cocaine, PCP, amphetamines, opiates, and marijuana. 10-panel urine tests are also available, which may detect a few more drugs. Methadone, barbiturates, alcohol, propoxyphene, LSD, inhalants, MDA and a lot more could be analyzed for.

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This is the reason more companies are beginning to decide on a 10-panel test within the 5 panels. People who have hired a worker may require people to take part in a drug urine test whenever they have reason to think they're using medications, or when there's been an incident at work.

There have been instances where a potential or current employee has failed a drug urine test due to over the counter medication. It's possible for these chemicals to create a false positive.

Benefits of Urine Testing

Urine drug tests will also be cost-effective, with every individual evaluation costing a business less than $100. The preferred testing firm will typically record any paperwork and also take good care of follow-ups.

In the event the test quantity is big, the purchase price might even be reduced. In the conclusion of the afternoon, the price of the evaluations underscores the costs of employing a person that uses drugs.

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