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Why Should Choose An Inkjet Printer?

Whether it is a start-up or an established company, managing a small business is certainly an adventure. Rewards for success is immense – not least of which is the satisfaction of knowing that it is due to your own efforts as a business founder or leader. However, along the way small and medium enterprises (SME) managers have to face countless challenges that are sure to keep them awake at night.

Factors that weighed heavily on SMEs including labor shortages, high fixed costs for rent and other costs, competition (including entrants online market new) and the increased cost of raw materials, imported goods, and machinery – not to mention today's customers more efficient and knowledgeable.

All the more reason, then, to give serious thought to these basic components office productivity.

A common dilemma in obtaining colored inkjet printer is to choose between laser and inkjet technologies. Laser printers have enjoyed great popularity, not least as a result of their perceived speed output and lower cost per page, but recent advances in inkjet technology to bring about major rethink by the purchasers of office equipment. In fact, we are now able to list five strong reasons to prefer inkjet.

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1. Productivity plus

One of the drawbacks of traditional inkjet printers is the need for frequent replacement ink cartridges. Users will often complain out of ink after printing a few hundred full-color pages – a task intrusive and potentially expensive time-consuming.

Epson, a leader in the field of document printing and production, paying particular attention to the printing and photocopying needs of small and medium enterprises. Enterprise solutions to the problem of replacement cartridges too often have been the introduction of ink-tank technology – a revolutionary system that saves ink in the tank than in the print cartridge.

integrated ink tank Epson printers allow users to print up to an incredible 7,500 pages using black ink and 6,000 pages for each color ink sets without the need to refill. With the ink tank spill-free design, integrated ink tank compact new printers allow easy and convenient refill ink from a bottle.

Colored inkjet printer impacts productivity in other ways as well. For example, do not need warm-up time means quick printing directly from the first sheet.

ink tank Epson printer integrated allowing users to enjoy print speeds of up to 15ipm for standard print along with the speed draft printing up to 33ppm, thanks printhead technology PrecisionCore ™ a revolutionary, one delivery technology inkjet fastest in the world with multi-capability control droplet size for superior output quality,

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