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Israel Bible Lands Tour

It is best to have an adequate tour package before you begin your trip. In the Middle East, especially Israel, this is more common than many other countries in the world. The old adage to expecting the best but planning the worst is the best advice you can receive.

There are so many places to see in Israel that will surprise you so you won't regret it. In fact, many visitors find that ancient land in the Middle East strangely pulls them back for repeat visits that can last a lifetime.

It is almost impossible to choose an individual destination when planning a trip to Israel, but here are the best places to include in your travel plans. To experience the beauty of Israel tour you can browse

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Jerusalem is a natural starting point for every visit to Israel and this is an amazing city that is considered by many to be the most attractive in the world. Not only is it a destination with great religious significance, but you will also find striking and complicated beauty on almost every occasion.

The Dead Sea is one of the more popular destinations and is worth a visit just to swim to see if you can sink below the surface. The Dead Sea Scrolls are found in the city of Qumran and you can see some beautiful displays at the Israel Museum.

Upper Galilee in the north of the country bordering the Golan Heights you will find a number of spectacular national parks where you can enjoy walking in stunning surroundings. While you are in the area, be sure to visit Nazareth, Jesus' childhood home.

You will find beautiful remnants of the past when you roam the streets, but don't forget to visit the colorful market.

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