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Different Types of Hostels


Hostels are now being preferred more by many travelers traveling to different places around the world. Hostels are now keeping the pace up when to come to delivering the best possible experience on being compared to hotels. From cheap to luxury ones, these are a few types of hostels to help you make better decisions on your next holiday destination.

  • Cheap – As the name suggests, there are hotels that provide unbelievably cheap rates for travelers. However, as the name suggests, the quality of the service and facilities provided to the travelers are at minimum. And there are chances that the hostel will not allow travelers to use their own towels and bed linen. You will have to pay a little amount to rent one. Also, breakfasts are also not included.
  • Homely and Cozy Hostels – This type of hostel is quite popular amongst travelers. Not only do they provide a cozy feeling to the travelers, they also allow travelers to use the kitchen along with common rooms that allow you to meet other travelers.
  • Boutique Hostels –Luxury, upscale, premium, high-end are some of the names that can be used to describe a boutique hostel. The design of the accommodation is pure-class along with budget friendly. The kitchen, toilets, common rooms, even a garden are all in top shape and well maintained for the travelers to enjoy their stay.
  • Party Hostels –Party hostels are more focused on inviting young travelers from all over the world. If you love parties with games and alcohol, then party hostel is the place you should give consideration to. However, few party hostels have age restriction. So, make sure you are above the age limit before booking.

These are some of the different types of Thailand Hostels one can find.

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