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What Are Cake Dummies? All You Should Know

The main reason why people use fake cakes is to replace the real ones. They have decorated polystyrene blocks and simply iced. They are made or purchase in all kinds of sizes and shapes. They can also be made in a traditional way with rounded or shape edges. The article outlines elements to note about cake dummies.

Most dummies are used during photo shoots or weddings for display. They are easier to transport from one place to another, unlike a real one that is delicate and may not serve you longer. Dummies give you a chance, especially when it has tiers to make extra height. Below are reasons why bakers use dummy cakes.

There are weddings where the guest list is not long, but the bride and groom want a big one. These often the situation at weddings. You will get brides whose desire is to have a tired one despite not having a large population of people to feed on it.

In such a situation, using a fake cake is the best option. You deliver what the bride wants, and it also helps to reduce wastage. It is an excellent way to economize and going for these options save you having more than you need.

The dummies can also be used in competitions. There may be a need for elaboration when it comes to competition, and they may need several days to decorate. In case you go for a real one before the contest ends, it will be spoilt.

When you have a real one in a competition, not everybody will get a piece, and it may also lead to wastage. Sometimes, you will find most contestants would like to keep their artwork as a collection. When using a real one, it might not be possible unlike when using a dummy which will last you longer.

Fakes ones are best for display. These mostly happen in businesses and bakeries where they want to showcase their work in their shops. The logic behind them is for them to be at the display so that people may admire and see them.

A real one will not last long before getting spoilt, so people cannot rely on it in future. When you want to display having a dummy, one is the best option. You will not only save on how long it lasts but money too.

These dummies have a limited budget. When you are looking for a cheaper method, models will cost you less money compared to the real one. Real ones demand ingredients which will cost you money while the fake one does not consume all ingredients.

Although the cost of ingredients will be reduced, decoration cost remains since the fake one needs the same amount of decoration and frosting time. For someone who wants a big one but is limited by finances, this option can work well for them. Going for a fake one fulfills your desire without you having to spend so much money. This is why a fake one is a good option considering what you are looking for.

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